Saturday, 7 May 2016

Phase 4.2 : Interfacing the Interfaces : The Rooftop Botanical Garden

The Rooftop Botanical Garden
( Retreat )

Vision from garden auditorium to theatre stage / movie screen

Site axonometric / Whole scale
( Siam square )
Site Plan
( Lido )

Perspective from Siam Square main street 

Vision from front foyer

( Siam Square soi.7 - Sukhumvit rd. )
( Siam square soi. 2-3 )

Floor Plan
( Third Floor : The Gardens )

Interior Perspective
( from the garden )
Floor Plan
( First Floor : Reception and Bars / Second Floor : Stage and Auditorium )

Construction Systems

Construction Process

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Phase 4.2: Interfacing the Interfaces :The Infinity maze

The Infinity Maze

The new manifesto of an architectural idea to redefine how space is stated in architecture by its dynamic quality. This new approach is an exploration of an idea that the space can be dynamic and can be reconstructed overtime

The rule sets indicated the relationship of the space
within the machine

The idea separated in to three parts

The Dynamic
Dynamic is the state that play main role in the project as the whole structure can be 
transformed re constructed and change its location overtime. The drawings below demonstrated 
the motion of the machine.

 This drawing indicate the interval of changes and movement of the building

The detail of the machine leg

  The section detail of the                  The detail of truss structure                      The technical detail 
  enter points in the units                            of the machine                                 of service utility
The current selected site is Asiatique

The Versatile
The multi functional design of the units that can be rebuild overtime and not specific to 
any function is the versatile part of the machine

The technical details of the units

Zoom in of individual units

 The Variegated
The aesthetic part of the machine that everything is always changing and unpredictable
created new experience and beauty to the machine.

The Interior perspective

The Interior perspective

The Interior perspective

The Interior perspective

    Phrase 4 : Building comfort
    The selfieciety

context interface

Location : The Emquarteir District

zoom in the space 
show the various pattern and activities in each space




            interior  perspective
show the light, and atmoshperic of the spaces